3 Common types of Heating System Repairs in Forney, TX!

Most heating systems are very reliable, but they do require occasional attention.  Over time, heating systems lose efficiency because of dirt and sediment build-up in the burner orifice. This results in incomplete combustion, which wastes fuel and causes damage to key components like the heat exchanger. If you suspect this is happening to your system, it’s best to schedule heating system repairs in Forney, TX. The three most common types of heating system repairs are

Condensate Drain Repairs:  

Condensate drain repairs help prevent water and sediment build-up in your Forney heating system.  Over time, the evaporator coils in the furnace develop a leak that causes condensation to build up the drain pan underneath the furnace.  This is very common with older furnaces. When this problem occurs, it’s important to schedule heating maintenance services in Forney, TX to replace the condensate drain.

Heat Exchanger Replacement: 

As heat exchangers grow older, they can develop rust and begin to fail. A typical heat exchanger will last 15 to 20 years before replacement is necessary. If your system has an old heat exchanger, you can call a leading contractor experienced in heating installation in Forney, TX to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.

Ignition Control Board Replacement: 

The ignition control board is responsible for initiating the heating cycle at the beginning of each season. Over time, this key component can fail due to age or faulty installation. If your system needs repairs, don’t settle for subpar repairs that do nothing to solve the problem. Instead, you can call a furnace technician experienced in ignition control board replacement to address the issue head-on.

If you need heating system repairs, it’s best to call a professional who can address the problem in its entirety. Cyclone Heating & Air is a leading contractor in heating installation and repairs, and we offer free quotes for any service you need. If your system needs to be repaired or replaced in Forney, TX, contact us today at 469-747-2152 to schedule an appointment!